Our appraisers provide a valued opinion for Auctions, insurance, succession, or the division of inheritance etc. – all these varied subjects are handled by the appraisers of the Venduehuis. If you would like to have a free-of-charge price indication of an object you wish to auction, this can be done  on any working day between 9.30 am and 4.30 pm, preferably by prior appointment. There is also a possibility that we will come home with you. It is also possible to send us pictures of your goods via e-mail.


Valuations for auctions are free of charge.
For other oral valuations the following rates apply:
Small number of items at the information desk: free of charge.
Home visit: €100,- for the first hour or part thereof, €50,- for each additional hour, travel allowance cost of €0.50 per kilometer with a minimum charge of € 12,-.*


We may charge a fee for valuations based on photographs submitted via email. Whether or not a fee is charged depends largely on the number of photographs. We are only able to assess items based on clear, high-quality pictures without notable reflections. We will inform you in advance of any fees that may apply.

Official valuation report

For the preparation of an official valuation report the following rate will apply: A written valuation report made at the information desk: €150,- for the first hour or part thereof, €75,- for each following half hour. Travel allowance costs are €0,50 per kilometer with a minimum charge of €12,-.*


*All mentioned prices are excluding VAT.


Terms and Conditions

Buyer’s commission

Hammerprice < € 15.000    29%
Hammerprice ≥ €15.000      24%

Sellers commission

Hammerprice < € 1.500     20%
Hammerprice > € 1.500     12%

Buyers of auctioned goods may pay additional costs in addition to the above-mentioned buyer’s commission. Sellers of auction goods may pay additional costs  in addition to the above-mentioned sellers commission.

The photo costs are € 35, – excluding VAT per lot. If you participate through Invaluable, a higher sellers commission applies per lot.

General conditions

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Privacy policy

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