Van Stockum’s Veilingen B.V., established in 1833, is one of the oldest Dutch auction houses, and renowned for its specialized sales of books, prints, antiques, militaria and coins.
From February 1, 2016, is Van Stockum’s Veilingen B.V. located at the Nobelstraat 3a, The Hague

Auction Sale of Books and Prints November 2017

Book Auction Sale: Wednesday November 29th from 13 pm
Print Auction Sale: Thursday November 30th from 13 pm


Viewing days:
Thursday     November 9th            10 am – 17 pm
Friday          November 10th          10 am – 17 pm
Saturday      November 11th          10 am – 16 pm
Sunday        November 12th          10 am – 17 pm
Monday       November 13th          10 am – 17 pm


Extra Viewing Days:
Wednesday  November 29th         10 am – 12 am
Thursdag      November 30th         10 am – 12 am


Click here for the Order of the Sale

Results Auction Sale of Books and Prints May 2017

View results of the auction Sale of Books and Prints May 2017 here.